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Exquisite orgasm agony
After whipping her slaveís hard cock, Mistress Karin teases him by rubbing his cock against her pussy. Then she fucks him, slowly milking him with her pussy and holding him right on the edge for a long time. Eventually, he can't endure anymore, and comes uncontrollably.

Preview: n/a Length: 21:24 Format: WMV Price: $21.99

Preparation 2
Mistress whips her slaveís ass until it turns a nice red color. Then, after tormenting his prostate gland with a vibrator, she stretches open his asshole and fucks it with a strap-on dildo. For being a good slave, he is rewarded by Karin milking a big load of cum and pouring it into his mouth.

Preview: n/a Length: 14:33 Format: WMV Price: $14.99

Party licker 2
Mistress Karin buckles a mouth dildo on her slaveís face and makes him fuck both her and Lana's pussies. Afterwards, he has to lick clean both the dildo and Karinís pussy because Mistress doesn't allow pussy juice to be wasted.

Preview: n/a Length: 10:04 Format: WMV Price: $10.99

Preparation 1
Mistress Karin prepares her new slave for submission by whipping his ass with different whips. She wants to see his ass ready red for her.

Preview: n/a Length: 08:29 Format: WMV Price: $8.97

Party licker - 1
Mistress Karin and Lana put their slave to work licking their pussies. First, he licks Lanaís pussy while Karin plays with Lanaís breasts and bites her nipples. The women switch, and while Karin gets her pussy licked, Lana plays with Mistressís breasts and nipples.

Preview: n/a Length: 11:36 Format: WMV Price: $12.99

Pee party 2
Both Mistress Karin and Lana piss on the slaveís cock and in his mouth. For being a good slave, Karin milks his cock while he licks pee off Lanaís pussy. The slave has a very loud and intense orgasm.

Preview: n/a Length: 09:48 Format: WMV Price: $11.99

Cock and ball treatment 4
Mistress Karin continues tormenting her slaveís cock with her high heel shoes and stockinged feet. She milks his cum, and, since he stays very hard, she checks to make sure he squirted all his cum. Karin then amuses herself by subjecting her slaveís sensitive cock and balls to post-orgasm torture.

Preview: n/a Length: 12:26 Format: WMV Price: $13.98

Pee party -1
Mistress Karin and Lana decide to use Karinís new slave as a piss toilet. Lana holds his head while Karin pees in his mouth. The girls then make the slave a special cocktail by mixing their piss in a glass. After making the slave drink every drop of his cocktail, Mistress Karin pisses all over his body while Lana watches and enjoys.

Preview: n/a Length: 07:19 Format: WMV Price: $9.25

Cock and Ball Treatment 3
Mistress Karin puts her slave on his back and makes him lick her ass while she sits on his face. To encourage her slave to use his tongue well, Karin occasionally gives him a hard kick to his cock with her stocking-clad foot.

Preview: n/a Length: 07:25 Format: WMV Price: $7.99

Cock and ball treatment 2
With her slave still chained to the cross, Mistress Karin tortures his cock and balls first with a violet wand and then with a good, hard whipping. She uses a flogger with strands tipped with metal balls and a mean bullwhip. The slave jumps around trying to dodge the blows, but he cannot escape.

Preview: n/a Length: 11:14 Format: WMV Price: $12.89
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