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Golden Shower
Mistress showers all over slave's face, erection. She orders him to cum . Then he has to lick his cum of his hand and clean the mess on the carpet.

Preview: n/a Length: 07:36 Format: WMV Price: $7.97

Foot sucking
Slave sucks Mistresse's feet while She plays with him. She makes him cum on Her foot and sticks it in his mouth.

Preview: n/a Length: 08:40 Format: WMV Price: $6.96

Dildo training
The slut slave is used deep and hard.

Preview: n/a Length: 09:41 Format: WMV Price: $6.95

Torturing Tom - part 2
Mistress contiunes her enjoyment in torturing her slave. She waxes his nipples and his hard erection.

Preview: n/a Length: 08:00 Format: WMV Price: $6.99

Torturing Tom - part 1
Misress enjoys her slave staying hard as she tortures him. She uses clamps, clothspins and her spike heel on his erection and his nipples. She smothers him while torturing. For preview click on the picture.

Preview: WMV Length: 08:14 Format: WMV Price: $6.99

Nipple Pleasure
Nipple and breast sucking. Nipple biting.

Preview: n/a Length: 08:30 Format: WMV Price: $8.96

Tongue Exercise - Part two
Mistress Karin continues training of Her slave.

Preview: n/a Length: 03:53 Format: WMV Price: $3.38

Dildo Torment
Mistress makes her slave to suck her dildo and then she torments him with it.

Preview: n/a Length: 08:39 Format: WMV Price: $5.96

Mistress feeds her slave with her nectar. She wets on his erection and all over him. He comes accidentely on her and he has to clean it.

Preview: n/a Length: 07:16 Format: WMV Price: $7.99

After whipping the slave Mistress Karin gags him, takes off her panties and puts them on his head. Now it's time for her cane ...... . For preview click on the picture.

Preview: WMV Length: 04:34 Format: WMV Price: $3.49
Page 59 of 60      (total videos posted: 592) « Previous 1 ... 56 57 58 59 60 Next » All

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