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Trapped 5
Karin again puts the tip of the slaveís cock in her asshole, then rubs it on her ass as she milks him to an intense orgasm. After he squirts his cum all over Karinís ass, she makes him lick it off.

Preview: WMV | MP4 Length: 10:46 Format: %%FORMAT%% Price: $11.95

Marked by pee and spit
Tough luck if youíre Mistress Karinís slave and she needs to pee. Karin straddles her slaveís face and pisses and spits in his mouth, then orders him to lick her pussy and ass while she slaps his cock.

Preview: WMV | MP4 Length: 21:17 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $22.98

Cuckolded 2
With the cuckolded slave helpless to do anything but watch from inside his cage, Mistress Karin straps a mouth dildo to the pleasure slaveís mouth. Both women fuck him. Lana rides the dildo while Karin rides his cock and she with Lanaís breasts and nipples. Afterwards, Karin teases the caged slave to the brink of orgasm by rubbing his hard cock over her wet, well-fucked pussy.

Preview: n/a Length: 13:14 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $15.98

Cuckolded 1
Sexually satisfying two Mistresses requires two slaves. Mistress Karin and Lana lock one male slave in a cage and use the second for their selfish pleasure. While Karin straddles and fucks the slave, Lana sits on his face and gets her pussy licked. Through it all, the cuckolded slave remains locked in the cage watching the pleasure slave perform for Karin and Lana.

Preview: n/a Length: 12:44 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $15.99

Jerked off by girls
Mistress Karin and Lana spank their slaveís ass. After teasing and edging him, Lana milks his cum on Karinís sexy red boots.

Preview: n/a Length: 15:37 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $15.98

Painful Ball Stretch
Karin ties her slaveís balls to the bedpost and takes a seat across the room. She commands her slave to lick her pussy. To obey, he must crawl to her, pulling against the ball rope. When he canít quite reach Mistress Karin, she orders him to try harder, whipping his ass to encourage him, then giving him a little help, but still forcing him to painfully stretch his balls to reach her pussy. Mistress rewards his effort by milking his cock until he comes.

Preview: n/a Length: 08:53 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $10.89

Cum inside
Mistress Karin takes her male slave outside to fuck. Once she is satisfied, she orders him to cum inside her pussy.

Preview: n/a Length: 18:32 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $20.99

Tongue and ass training 2
The training continues. Mistress Karin uses her feeldo to simultaneously fuck her pussy and her slaveís ass. She gets very wet enjoying the feeldo in her pussy while watching it ream her slaveís ass. She then switches to two dildos and continues pounding her slutís ass and prostrate until his cum pours out.

Preview: WMV | MP4 Length: 17:16 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $18.98

Tongue and ass training 1
Mistress Karin has a new slave to train in the proper use of his tongue and ass. She begins by whipping his ass with a riding crop, then teases him with her delicious pussy before training him to lick it. Next, she teaches him to worship her ass with his tongue.

Preview: WMV | MP4 Length: 09:11 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $9.98

Toy in the box 4
A slow milking keeps Karinís slave on the edge of orgasm. Locked in the bondage box, he can do nothing but endure the relentless teasing. Finally, it becomes too much, and he sprays cum everywhere, making a mess. Mistress punishes him by continuing to milk his sensitive cock.

Preview: WMV | MP4 Length: 09:51 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $10.99

Toy in the box 3
Mistress Karin commands her helpless slave to lick her pussy and ass. After she has had her pleasure, Mistress feeds him her golden nectar.

Preview: WMV | MP4 Length: 14:22 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $15.98
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