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Deep ass cleaning
Mistress forces her slave to push his tongue deep in her ass. Then he has to cum on her boot and clean the mess he makes.

Preview: n/a Length: 06:06 Format: WMV Price: $4.97

Mistress mouth dildo -part 2
Slaves holds the dildo by his mouth while Mistress uses it for her pleasure.

Preview: n/a Length: 05:36 Format: WMV Price: $4.36

Patient has to take his medicine: Mistress' pee and his cum.

Preview: n/a Length: 07:39 Format: WMV Price: $8.97

Foot slave
Foot, leg, ass worship.

Preview: n/a Length: 14:19 Format: WMV Price: $10.97

Mistress watches her slave play with his cock and cum while she sits on his face.

Preview: n/a Length: 04:02 Format: WMV Price: $3.48

Disciplined by Mistress Karin - part one
Slave is locked in a pillory and Mistress Karin uses various whips on his ass and his protruding cock. For preview click on the picture.

Preview: WMV Length: 17:00 Format: WMV Price: $16.97

Mistress uses funnel gag to piss in slave's mouth. This video has some sound problem (AC running in a background).

Preview: n/a Length: 07:22 Format: WMV Price: $5.99

Milking John
Slave's big cock is being milked into a glass then he has to drink it.

Preview: n/a Length: 02:54 Format: WMV Price: $3.97

Mistress-nurse uses four huge needles to pierce patient's nipples then she puts ten needles in his erection.

Preview: n/a Length: 15:32 Format: WMV Price: $16.98

Big red dildo
Mistress uses her big red dildo on her slave.

Preview: n/a Length: 10:54 Format: WMV Price: $10.97
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