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Punished masturbator 1
Husband is send by his wife to Mistress Karin for punishment. He is masturbating too much and he got locked up in chastity. Mistress is whiping him to fix his masturbation obsession.

Preview: n/a Length: 08:32 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $8.99

Enslavement 4
Mistress Karin takes the slaveís hard cock into her ass and fucks it. Later, she makes him fuck her ass with his tongue while she milks his cock, but wonít let him him come until he completely satisfies her with his tongue. The slave shoots a huge load of come, and, to make sure she gets every drop, Karin milks him again.

Preview: n/a Length: 14:11 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $15.99

Enslavement 3
Butt plugs make excellent slave gags, so Mistress Karin puts one in her ass to warm it up for her slave. She teases and fucks his hard cock with her pussy while the gag warms. Telling him to taste her ass, she takes the plug from her ass and shoves it in his mouth, and then resumes fucking him

Preview: n/a Length: 10:46 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $11.98

Enslavement 2
Mistress Karin uses the slaveís mouth like a toilet, pissing it full, making him swallow, and then lick her pussy clean after she is all finished. She then spits in his mouth.

Preview: n/a Length: 11:57 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $12.99

Enslavement 1
Itís not easy being Mistress Karinís slave, especially when sheís in the mood for CBT. Karin whips, slaps, and pulls his cock and balls, then pummels his balls with knees and kicks. She pokes his cock and balls with the sharp toe and heel of her stiletto shoes, then puts on leather gloves to tease and torment him.

Preview: n/a Length: 14:53 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $15.99

Caught peeping 3
For a final punishment, Mistress Karin inserts two rosebud sounds into the peeperís cock. She tortures him by milking his cock with his pee hole plugged by the sounds. Finally, Karin relents and makes him squirt a big load of cum.

Preview: n/a Length: 06:35 Format: WMV Price: $7.49

Slave's humiliation 3
Property should be marked, so Mistress Karin pisses on her slaveís cock. She continues pissing on him as she milks and edges him to an explosive orgasm.

Preview: n/a Length: 12:38 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $13.99

Caught peeping 2
Careful what you beg for, slave. Mistress Karin forces her big strap-on dildo into the peeperís ass, but he is so tight she shows mercy and switches to a smaller one. He begs her to stop fucking him, but Karin refuses, telling him it is punishment for peeping, and orders him to beg her to continue fucking him. She torments his prostate gland while shoving the dildo into and out of his ass.

Preview: n/a Length: 15:52 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $15.99

Caught peeping 1
Mistress Karin catches a man peeping and decides to teach him a lesson. When he refuses to strip naked, Karin cuts off his clothes and clamps his testicles into a ball stretcher. As Mistress Karin coolly increases the tension, he begs for mercy, but she doesnít not stop until he is pleading for her to fuck him in the ass.

Preview: n/a Length: 09:47 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $10.98

Slave's humiliation 2
With the taste of her piss still in her piss slutís mouth, Mistress Karin turns her attention to his cock and balls. She enjoys his suffering as she kicks, slaps, tramples, and whips his cock and balls.

Preview: n/a Length: 11:52 Format: MP4 & WMV Price: $11.99
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