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Interrogation 1
He is caught spying . Now he is interrogated by Mistress Karin. She whips his cock and tortures his nipples till he tells her what was he doing.

Length (min): 10:10 Size (MB): 116.0 Price: $10.95 Preview: n/a

Sling slut
Mistress uses her new sling to fuck and fistfuck her slut. She makes him swing with her strap-on and her fist.

Length (min): 12:45 Size (MB): Price: $12.95 Preview: n/a

Goddess Service 2
Karin gives him her wonderful golden drink.

Length (min): 5:40 Size (MB): 66.8 Price: $5.98 Preview: n/a

Goddess Service 1
Karin wears sexy mules and she uses them to play with slaveís cock. She kicks his balls with her bare feet. She makes him suck her toes and the heels of her shoes.

Length (min): 11:32 Size (MB): 135.9 Price: $12.98 Preview: n/a

Worker's punishment 4
Mistress gives him a challenge. He has to solve Rubik's cube while she is punishing his balls. If he fails she will punish him more. If he makes it , she will milk him. So is it possible.....????

Length (min): 10:47 Size (MB): 127.0 Price: $12.99 Preview:video

In the sack 2
Karin teases his cock with a vibrator while he is in the sack completely immobilized. She slowly milks him but keeps him on the edge for a long time. He wants to cum so bad. Finally he squirts his cum and Mistress feeds it to him through the only opening in the hood.

Length (min): 8:42 Size (MB): 102.3 Price: $9.98 Preview:video

Worker's punishment 3
Mistress takes a break from punishing her worker. She has him lick her pussy and her ass.

Length (min): 11:32 Size (MB): 135.8 Price: $11.98 Preview:video

In the sack 1
Slave is in the leather sleep sack. The only part that is exposed is his cock. He has a hood over his head with one opening for his tongue. He can't see anything. Mistress sits on his face and he has to lick her clit. Then she climes over his cock and fucks him.

Length (min): 9:52 Size (MB): 113.0 Price: $10.68 Preview:video

Worker's punishment 2
Karin continues his punishment with whipping his cock and balls while in a humbler. She kicks his balls with her foot till he is very sorry...

Length (min): 10:44 Size (MB): 123.0 Price: $10.99 Preview:video

Kat's pain and pleasure 4
Katís pussy is ready to be fucked. Karin takes her big red strap-on and fucks her deep and hard from behind. Lana plays with Katís nipples. Kat cums while Karin fucks her.

Length (min): 12:24 Size (MB): 146.0 Price: $13.79 Preview:video
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