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Service in chastity- 3
Slave is out of the cage. Now Mistress teases his cock while he is still locked in the urethral chastity. The harder he gets, the deeper goes the rod inside of this dick. Karin rubs his cock on her pussy and puts his cockhead inside. Slave is milked with the chastity on, his dick plugged and restrictive breathing mask on. His cum pours out quickly.

Length (min): 13:15 Size (MB): 156.2 Price: $15.98 Preview:video

Service in chastity- 2
Karin makes good use of his tongue. She makes him suck on her pussy lips and fuck her with his tongue. She extremely enjoys it while his dick is in chastity and she pays no attention to it.

Length (min): 14:18 Size (MB): 168.4 Price: $15.99 Preview:video

Service in chastity- 1
Slave is locked in the chastity. He licks Karin's beautiful pussy while locked in the cage. Mistress teases him and makes him stretch his tongue to reach to her pussy.

Length (min): 11:36 Size (MB): 136.6 Price: $11.99 Preview:video

Intense CBT - 2
Karin uses on his cock mean whip with little steal balls at the end. Then she vibrates his cock with her huge, powerful vibrator that almost makes him cum. She stops the vibrator and whips his cock with bullwhip and a cane. She switches between the cane and the vibrator keeping is cock on the edge. He is ready to cum and then he gets hard hit with a cane. Finally he is vibrated and whipped with the cane at the same time which gives him intense orgasm.

Length (min): 15:06 Size (MB): 177.8 Price: $16.99 Preview: n/a

Golden drink and delicious ass -2
Taset my delicious ass and dring my golden pee. Mistress milks him after she is done with his service. He shoots huge load of thick cum which really entertains Karin.

Length (min): 18:03 Size (MB): 212.7 Price: $18.99 Preview: n/a

Golden drink and delicious ass -1
Mistress Karin wears open crotch panties and she pees her golden nectar streight into his mouth. She tells him to keep his mouth wide open and drink all of her piss.

Length (min): 7:44 Size (MB): 91.0 Price: $7.99 Preview: n/a

Intense CBT - 1
Karin ties him to her naked girl statue. She knees his balls and she whips his cock with various whips. She puts sounds inside of his dick.

Length (min): 17:01 Size (MB): 200.6 Price: $18.98 Preview: n/a

Interrogation 4
Slave locked in the cage has to lick Karin's ass. She milks him while she pulls clamps on his nipples and sits on his face.

Length (min): 15:58 Size (MB): 188.1 Price: $16.99 Preview: n/a

Extreme cockhead tease 2
Now Mistress puts his cockhead in her ass and fucks it. Then she milks him on her asshole.

Length (min): 16:05 Size (MB): 189.4 Price: $18.99 Preview: n/a

Extreme cockhead tease 1
Karin teases his cockhead by putting it in her pussy and slowley fucking it. She dose not get his full cock inside. Then she puts butt plug in her ass and squeezes his cockhead in her pussy.

Length (min): 11:11 Size (MB): Price: $13.99 Preview: n/a
Page 1 of 49      (total videos posted: 486) « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 ... 49 Next » All

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